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ReneSANCe: Renewed SANC Monte Carlo event generator


ReneSANCe: Renewed SANC Monte Carlo event generator#

ReneSANCe is a Monte Carlo event generator for simulation of processes at different colliders. Based on the SANC (Support for Analytic and Numeric Calculations for experiments at colliders) modules, the new generator takes into account complete one-loop and some higher-order electroweak radiative corrections with finite particle masses and polarizations. The generator effectively operates in the full phase-space. It is constructed in such a way that new processes can be easily added.

The main difference between the programs ReneSANCe and MCSANC is that ReneSANCe allows you to receive and save unweighted events (in ROOT and LHEF formats), which can be used to build any differential distributions with arbitrary cuts. The MCSANC integrator, in turn, allows you to build a fixed set of distributions that are implemented in it. But the results obtained by the integrator often have a smaller statistical error than those obtained by the ReneSANCe generator.

Please use the following reference for citations:

Comput.Phys.Commun. 256 (2020) 107445


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